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A month shy of 100, Bhabatarini Samanta had to fight the deadliest foes on her way to becoming a centennial-the coronavirus. And she managed to make the best of it, stunning doctors and members of the family alike.

On November 24, Samanta, aged 99 and 11 months was admitted to a designated Covid-19 hospital in the Fuleswar area with fever and breathing difficulties.

Subhasis Mitra, director of the hospital, said she had a number of complications, and a medical team had to be set up to assess her health.

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“With time and care, she began to recover. We’re very pleased that we could free her from COVID-19 and send her home in time for the 100th birthday, which is just a few days away,” he said.

As a gesture of good-bye to the elderly woman, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff sang songs, gave flowers and sweets to her before she boarded an ambulance to go home on Saturday.

Mitra also said about 4,000 Covid-19 patients have been admitted to the hospital so far and 3,700 of them have recovered.

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