ram charan and upasana konidela
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Ram Charan, the renowned Telugu film actor, and his wife Upasana Konidela, an entrepreneur and vice-chairman of the Apollo Foundation, have recently welcomed their first child, a baby girl, bringing immense joy to their families and fans worldwide. The baby was born at the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad, and both mother and baby are reported to be in good health . The news of the arrival of their beautiful daughter was shared through a medical bulletin released by the hospital.

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Ram Charan and Upasana’s journey as a couple has been filled with love and support. They first met during their college days, became friends, and eventually started dating. After obtaining approval from their families, they got engaged in 2011 and tied the knot in 2012. Throughout their marriage, they have been each other’s pillars of strength, supporting one another in their respective endeavors.

Upasana’s pregnancy was publicly announced in December 2022 by Ram Charan’s father, Chiranjeevi, through a social media post, expressing their excitement and anticipation for the arrival of their little one. Upasana, being an active presence on social media, shared updates about her pregnancy journey, allowing fans to be part of their joyous moments. The couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary just before the birth of their baby girl.

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The arrival of their daughter has brought immense happiness to Ram Charan and Upasana, marking a new chapter in their lives. Both parents have expressed their desire to provide their child with a nurturing environment, emphasizing the significance of learning and self-respect from an early age . In line with this, they have chosen to live with Ram Charan’s parents, ensuring their daughter grows up with the love and support of her grandparents.

Ram Charan, known for his successful film career, has been balancing his professional commitments alongside the preparation for fatherhood. His recent movie, “RRR,” garnered critical acclaim and achieved international recognition, winning an Oscar and Golden Globe for its song “Naatu Naatu”. Additionally, Ram Charan is currently working on an action film titled “Game Changer,” where he will be sharing the screen with actress Kiara Advani.

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Upasana, being a successful entrepreneur and vice-chairman of the Apollo Foundation, has skillfully managed her pregnancy while continuing to redefine her professional journey. Her dedication and ability to balance her career and personal life serve as an inspiration to many.

The couple’s families, including Chiranjeevi and other members of the Konidela and Kamineni families, visited them at the hospital to celebrate the birth of their baby girl. The happiness and excitement surrounding the arrival of the “megaprincess” have been widely shared by fans worldwide.

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Ram Charan and Upasana Konidela’s journey as a couple, from their college days to becoming parents, is a testament to their love and commitment to one another. With the arrival of their baby girl, they embark on a new adventure filled with joy, love, and the responsibilities of parenthood.