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PM Modi invited people to make suggestions for the 71st edition of the programme on November 17. ‘Mann ki Baat’ is a monthly radio programme addressed to the nation by PM Modi that is broadcast on the last Sunday of each month.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation via ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ where he spoke about how culture helps people to overcome the trauma of a crisis.

Every Indian would feel proud to know that Devi Annapurna’s ancient idol is being brought back to India from Canada. This idol was stolen from a temple in Varanasi almost 100 years ago in 1913 and smuggled out of the country,” PM Modi said as he began his address.

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This coincided with Heritage Week which provides an opportunity for culture enthusiasts to look back on the past and discover the significant stages of history. We saw people celebrating Heritage Week in innovative ways, despite the Covid-19 crisis,” he added.”

The Prime Minister also said that during crises, culture is of great use and acts as an emotional recharge.

The culture and scriptures of India have always been a centre of attraction for the whole world. In search of them, some people have come to India and stayed here for life. While some have returned to their countries as Indian cultural ambassadors, PM Modi has referred to Mann Ki Baat.

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He then shared a story about Jonas Masetti, who is teaching Brazil’s Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita lessons.

I have been introduced to the work of Jonas Masetti, also known as ‘Vishvanath’. In Brazil, Jonas gives lessons in Vedanta and Gita. He runs an organisation called ‘Vishvavidya’ which is about an hour’s driver from Rio De Janeiro in the hills of Petrópolis,’ PM Modi said.

“He added, “Jonas worked for his stock market company after completing mechanical engineering. He was attracted to Indian culture later on, — especially to Vedanta. In India, he studied Vendanta and spent 4 years in Coimbatore at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. For his efforts, I congratulate Jonas.

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Earlier on November 17, PM Modi invited individuals to make suggestions for the 71st edition of the programme.

‘Mann ki Baat’ is a monthly radio programme addressed to the nation by the Prime Minister that is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month.