Corona in India
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If everybody followed health precautions such as wearing masks, lockdowns could be avoided, the World Health Organization’s top European official said at a press conference held on Thursday.

Regional Director Hans Kluge of WHO Europe emphasized that lockdowns should be a last resort,” and encouraged the public to implement guidelines to help minimize deaths.

Hans Kluge mentioned that Instead of the current 60% of people if 95 percent of individuals wore masks, “lockdowns would not be needed” however he stated that mask usage was not a “panacea” and needed to be paired with other steps.

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“If we all provide our share, lockdowns are avoidable,” Dr. Hans Kluge added.

The United States will soon have reported more than 250,000 coronavirus fatalities after experiencing its deadliest day since early May. On Wednesday, almost 1,900 deaths were registered, as the country again set a record for the number of hospitalized patients nationally on a single day.

According to the Regional Head of the World Health Organization, In Europe, one person dies from coronavirus every 17 seconds as the pandemic keeps threatening to completely destroy national health systems across the continent.

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On Thursday, Dr. Hans Kluge said that more than 15.7 million Covid-19 incidents, including 4 million this month alone and nearly 355,000 deaths, were reported by the 53 countries that make up the WHO European zone.