Bihar Board Class 10 Exam 2021
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On Friday, the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) cancelled the class 10 social science exam that took place in the first shift after it was reported that the question paper had been leaked before the examination began. The incident came to light when the board was advised that a photo of the question paper of the first shift exam had been sent to someone via Whatsapp just before the beginning of the exam.

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BSEB decided, following the leak, to cancel the social science paper in which more than 8.46 lakh students had appeared. Only the candidates who appeared during the first shift will be re-examined on 8 March.

The paper was leaked from the Jamui district in Bihar, according to BSEB Chairman Anand Kishor. In the preliminary investigation, it was found that Vikas Kumar, a contract employee of the Jhajha branch of the State Bank of India, leaked the paper via WhatsApp. He shared the paper with his relative, who appeared for the 10th 2021 BSEB board examination.

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After discovering the DM and SP’s original probe report, the Board filed a FIR against Vikas Kumar and two other individuals. The Jamui police arrested three employees of the SBI Jhajha branch. Further research is being carried out.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tejashwi Yadav said the Bihar School Examination Board’s Class 10 examination paper had been leaked and Bihar’s Chief Minister and Minister of Education had no knowledge of it.

Yadav said it was a reflection on the NDA government in Bihar after the end of day one of the budget session at the Bihar assembly.

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It is simply unimaginable that the Class 10 Social Sciences Question Paper has been leaked at several locations and is not known by the Chief Minister and the Minister of Education.In Bihar, what kind of government does Nitish Kumar run? If they were aware of it, why would they have hidden it? “Yadav asked.

“When I informed the assembly that the paper had leaked, neither Chief Minister Nitish Kumar nor Minister of Education Vijay Kumar Chaudhary clarified the matter in the House,” added Yadav.

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“These days, papers from every examination in Bihar are leaking, and educational mentors do nothing. . .Actually, they’re playing with the lives of students,’ said Yadav.

On March 8, 2021, the BSEB 10th Social Science 2021 exam will be held.