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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the world is keeping a close eye on the cheapest and safest coronavirus vaccine (Covid-19) and looking to India. “Our scientists are very confident that they will succeed in their attempts to make Covid vaccine. The world is watching for the cheapest and safest vaccine. That’s why the world is watching India,” Modi said during an all-party meeting to discuss the situation of Covid-19 in the country.

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The Centre was in talks with state governments on the price of the vaccine, he said and the decision to keep public health as a top priority will be made.

Teams of central & state governments work together for the distribution of vaccines. India has the experience and ability to deliver and score vaccines higher than other nations. In the area of vaccination, we have a very large & experienced network. We will take full advantage of it,’ PM Modi said to leaders of all political parties.

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In the context of the discussions on who will first receive the vaccine, Modi said that as soon as scientists give a green signal, vaccination in India will begin. Priority will be provided to healthcare, frontline staff, and elderly people suffering from serious diseases.

He also encouraged all leaders to submit their suggestions in writing, adding that they would be seriously considered.