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In the early hours of Sunday, two explosions occurred within a five-minute span in the high-security technical area of Jammu airport, officials said. Around 1.45 a.m., the first blow blasted the roof off a building in the Air Force’s technical portion of the airport. The second was strewn on the floor.

There were no reports of casualties at the time of publication.

“Inside Air Force Station Jammu, there were reports of an explosion. The explosions have caused no harm to planes. Minor injuries were sustained by two members of the team. “An investigation is underway, and more information will be released soon,” a representative for the defence stated.

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Security personnel quickly surrounded the location and sealed it off.

Meanwhile, sources claim that two drones were deployed to strike the Jammu Air Force facility.

Sources added that the possibility of a UAV being used in the blast cannot be ruled out.

Senior police and Indian Air Force officials were in attendance for a high-level meeting at the Air Force station, according to sources. Jammu airport is a civil airport that is operated by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

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