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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the launch. “I am glad to know that in Bhutan there have already been 11,000 successful Rupay transactions.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his counterpart, Lotay Tshering, launched phase two of the RuPay card in Bhutan on Friday. Launching the card, PM Modi said that at point-of-sale terminals, RuPay cards issued by the Bhutan National Bank can be used for Rs 1 lakh and Rs 20 lakh at ATMs.

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“For Bhutanese tourists in India, this will make tourism, shopping and other transactions easier,” the Prime Minister said. I am pleased to know that in Bhutan there have already been 11,000 active Rupay transactions. This number would have been much higher if Covid had not even happened. “We are launching the RuPay Card Phase II scheme,” he added.

PM Modi also spoke about a framework for the peaceful use of space signed by both countries and spoke about the boost it will give India-Bhutan ties. “A framework for the peaceful use of outer space has recently been signed by India and Bhutan. This will help institutions and strengthen cooperation in both countries. India has recently opened up its space industry to private companies. This will promote capacity, innovation, and skills,” said PM Modi.

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Bhutan’s agreement with BSNL on the Third International Internet Gateway also is welcomed by PM Modi during the launch.

Prime Minister Lotay Tshering of Bhutan thanked PM Modi for India’s leadership in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic. “We are grateful to you and your government for their promise that Bhutan will have the vaccine available once it is ready for clinical use,” he said.

The leadership of the Excellency (PM Modi) is highly commended in tackling the pandemic at home. I am sure that India will come out of the pandemic much stronger. “The lead taken by India in the development of vaccines is a source of hope for all of us,” added Lotay Tshering.

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