Happy Hug Day 2021: You must know about the health benefits of hugging
Happy Hug Day 2021: You must know about the health benefits of hugging

Happy Day to Hug! Hugs are underrated, but they have the authority to make the day of many people better immediately. It can lift the mood and make it easier to go through the hard times in life to embrace someone close. It is known that hugs have positive effects on both the body and the mind. It is therefore wonderful that, as part of the Valentine’s Week celebrations, Hug Day is celebrated every year on February 12.

Hugs can be romantic, familial, friendly, and even perfunctory. As people around the world reach out to their loved ones and partners for hugs to mark this special day, here are some incentives and positive effects on health brought about by hugs:

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Hugs can help with blood pressure: Hugs can also help lower blood pressure, apart from the medical ways of controlling blood pressure. A North Carolina University study suggested that, compared to those who did not get enough hugs, those who had more hugs and higher levels of oxytocin hormone had better control of their blood pressure.

Hugs can enhance your sleep: many people nowadays deal with poor quality of sleep. With hugs, sleep may become remarkably better. A study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that it can improve the quality of a few minutes of cuddling and contact with a partner before sleep.

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Hugs to improve immunity: This may come as a surprise, but studies have shown that hugs can even increase immunity. A study in Psychological Science showed that the stress hormone cortisol is lowered by hugs, which enhances the killer cells to counter bacteria and viruses.

Hugs can help with stress: Hugs can help to reduce stress as they release oxytocin, which slows down the heart rate. It can be a safe way to feel lighter and happier with hugs.