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The last solar eclipse is scheduled for December 14, 2020 (Monday). The solar eclipse will last around five hours in India and will begin at 07:03 in the evening. It is expected that the solar eclipse will end at 12:23 pm.

It should be remembered that the first solar eclipse of 2020 took place on 21 June. There is a common belief that solar eclipse affects our sun signs, and astrologers also claim that solar eclipse affects our lives as well.

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Solar Eclipse 2020: where it will be visible

The last solar eclipse of 2020 on December 14 will be visible in parts of South America, South Africa, and the Pacific Ocean. The solar eclipse will be visible in Chile and parts of Argentina in the afternoon. Some regions of southern South America, southwest Africa, and Antarctica will see a partial solar eclipse, if weather permits.

It should be noted that in India, the solar eclipse will not occur during the day, but it will not be visible to us.

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The best cities to view the partial solar eclipse would be Santiago (Chile), São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Montevideo (Uruguay), and Asuncion (Paraguay).

Importance of Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, according to the Hindu religion, people follow certain rules. During the eclipse, several individuals do not use a sharp object. During a solar eclipse, pregnant women are advised not to venture outside the home. Many consider solar eclipse timings to be inauspicious, and this is one of the main reasons why people do nothing important during this time.

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