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Every year on April 18, the world commemorates World Heritage Day. This is done in order to raise awareness about dying cultures, their rich cultural diversity, and how to preserve them. UNESCO designated this day as World Heritage Day to raise awareness of nations’ vanishing cultures.

History of World Heritage Day 2021

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) proposed a day in 1982 to raise awareness about the importance of preserving ancient culture and its historic sites. However, during UNESCO’s 22nd General Conference in 1983, this idea was adopted. This day is observed worldwide, according to ICOMOS, to restore and conserve historical sites, dying ancient tribes, and so on. People will also be reminded of their history on this day.

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The Importance of World Heritage Day

This day allows us to conserve and preserve our heritage culture, which has historical significance. They have a tremendous universal worth. The goal and significance of the day are not limited to historical monuments and sites. It also aids in the preservation of a community’s or country’s cultural integrity.

Theme for World Heritage Day in 2021

This year’s special day’s theme is ‘Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures.’ This theme encourages people of all faiths to come together, set aside their differences, and spread a message of solidarity.

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