PM Modi targets Mamta in Bengal
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West Bengal is holding voting for the fourth process today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently speaking at an election rally in Siliguri. He went on to say that North Bengal, India, is like a grand garland around the mother’s neck, with citizens of various languages, castes, and cultures intertwined with various flowers. A lovely image of India as a whole can be seen here.

Bengal’s new year is about to begin, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the new year, good will triumph over bad, and the BJP will triumph. During this, PM Modi said that Didi and her thugs were stunned by the BJP’s victory in Bengal. He has expressed his condolences to the victims of the Cooch Behar attack. He has advised the Election Commission to take the most severe measures possible.

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Today’s PM Narendra Modi’s Bengal Rally Important Points

  • Didi, the country’s brave security forces aren’t afraid of terrorists or Naxalites; are you afraid of your bullies and threats? Our Gorkha society is still at the forefront of national defence in North Bengal. Sister is always teasing her.
  •  Didi’s rage grows on me as he sees his loss in front of him. Didi is enraged by Bengal’s love for me. Didi was unconcerned about the thugs who had been persecuting the poor for ten years, about the killers, about the criminals, about the robbers. Didi, on the other hand, is enraged at the security forces defending Bengalis’ interests.
  • What Didi and TMC leaders are thinking is now coming to the fore. A video has emerged in which a Didi supporter insults the Scheduled Caste community. He said that Bengal’s Scheduled Castes, or ST class, acts like beggars.
  •  I’ll accompany you, tolabaj. Syndicate will accompany you on your journey. Will join you in your discrimination against the people of North Bengal. Appeasement politics will follow you to Bengal. Bengali people are not your domain, sister. That is why the Bengalis have agreed that you must leave. Only after you are removed from Bengal will the people perish. You will not be travelling alone. The public is about to remove your whole gang.
  •  I saw a video of Didi’s close friend, Bengal’s tourism minister, and a legislator in the region, threatening people. People would be picked up and thrown out if they vote for the BJP, he said. All is caught on tape, and the hooliganism is out in the open. Didi’s 10-year rule is valid in this regard.
  •  The time has come to reform Bengal’s political climate, which has been in place for decades. Tolabaz will now be a free Bengal. Bengal will now be free of Syndicate. Bengal will now be free of Katmani.
  •  From literature to the army, the descendants of this family have bolstered everything. Bengal has adopted the slogan Ashol Poriborton as a result of his inspiration. Bengal, which was subjected to Didi’s and his party’s terror, fear, atrocities, and oppression, is now saying – Ashol Poriborton.
    Meanwhile, the events in Cooch Behar are tragic. I am saddened by the deaths of those who have passed away. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family. Didi’s and her thugs’ rage is becoming uncontrollable as public support for the BJP grows.
  •  Didi has descended to this stage as she watches her chair go off. But I want to make it clear to Didi, TMC, and her thugs. Didi and TMC will be unable to operate in Bengal. My appeal to the Election Commission is that the perpetrators of the Cooch Behar incident be dealt with the most severely.
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