Kangana Ranaut
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Himachal Pradesh is known for his beautiful litigants. People come to visit there from worldwide and from the nation.

It’s okay to roam, but once visitors start scattering dirt, it becomes a major concern. Any civilized human being today is worried about the climate.

Bollywood stars have even addressed individuals for cleanliness. Recently, a new tweet has appeared about sanitation by Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut has asked people to keep clean in her latest tweet. Kangana has posted a message on her Twitter account.

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An image has also been shared with the tweet in this post. This photo shows a pretty complainant, and there’s plastic garbage scattered on the grass.

She Tweets,

People are appreciative of this Kangana initiative. Let me tell you that Kangana has been part of the Government of India’s Clean India Drive.

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She has asked people a lot about cleanliness. Right now, Kangana is in the spotlight because of her outrageous comments.