Google Drive
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  • Before month-old documents start to disappear, Google Drive users have one last day to rescue their files from the trash.
  • Google has started sending notifications to users that files will remain in the trash for just 30 days before being permanently deleted.
  • The measure is intended to make Google Drive function with other G Suite applications such as Gmail more seamlessly.

Starting tomorrow, Google Drive trash management is expected to change. Any trash that has been lingering around for more than a month is permanently removed.

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They may do so before the 30-day time window closes if users want to restore some of the files in their trash. Otherwise, the paper would be almost lost forever.

There’s a way out on the off chance that you can’t rescue your files in time, or just generally forgot that you were going to take a paper out of the trash. For users who are part of a business, school or community, as an extra safeguard. For active users, G Suite administrators have the option to restore things that have been removed from the trash for up to 25 days.

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Among a series of changes, the movie was originally revealed a month ago that the company says would help Google Drive work more consistently with the rest of the G Suite applications like Gmail.

We will change the retention policy for items in the trash on Google Drive from October 13, 2020, onwards. With this new policy, after 30 days, any file inserted in the Google Drive trash will be removed automatically,” Google said at the time.

There is a silver lining, although the automatic trashing feature may prove to be frustrating for some. Since Google Photos has a storage limit, the feature will automatically free up some extra space every month to ensure that every bit of the 15 GB storage quota that comes with free accounts is used successfully.

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