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Sushmita Sen, the actress, recently shared an old video of her younger daughter. Alisah was reciting a touching essay about adopting a child. The 11-year-old urged people to adopt because it gives a child “the right to live.” She stated that when people adopt, they are giving someone new life. They are given the option of selecting a child whose parents have abandoned them. Sushmita wrote on Twitter after retweeting the video, “Such grace and wisdom!!! Alisah Sen is an inspiration to me!!! #BornFromTheHeart #DuggaDugga”

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‘SheThePeople’ shared the video on YouTube. Alisah read the following: “I believe you should adopt a child from an orphanage because it will bring joy to your family. After all, a child’s right to life must be respected. You may believe that parenting a child entails more responsibility than raising a biological child. However, you are mistaken. Both forms are similar, and there should be no difference at all.”

“When you adopt someone, you are giving them a second chance at life. You get to be special. You get to pick a child who was rejected by their parents. Furthermore, it is a great feeling to know that you have given life in such a way that one has been rescued. Your child will adore you to the point that you will never doubt they are adopted. That’s the kind of love they’ll give you “she continued.

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Alisah likened children to “clay,” saying, “Kids are like clay, so whoever their parents are, they will love them.”

“Sushmita Sen, who adopted two baby girls, and Sunny Leone, who adopted one daughter, are examples of people who have adopted children simply because they love them. So, please follow in the footsteps of these inspiring individuals who have influenced almost the entire world to adopt a child. Adopt a child, but only if it is for the love of the child “the conclusion of the essay

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Sushmita adopted Renee, who was 24 at the time, in 2000, and Alisah in 2010. Sushmita Sen has two daughters, Renee is the older.

Sushmita returned to the screen in the web series Aarya in 2020, following her role in the Bengali film Nirbaak in 2015. Season two of Aarya has begun filming in Jaipur, and the actress is looking forward to it.

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