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Today, Shruti Haasan is marking her 35th birthday. She went to Instagram on this special day to share a picture of herself with her friends from her midnight birthday celebrations. She thanked her family, friends, and, more importantly, her fans for their thoughtful wishes for her birthday in a heartfelt post. Akshara Haasan, her sister, went to Instagram to share a series of pictures to wish her well.


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Shruti Haasan, with her close friends, had a midnight party and went to Instagram to share a picture of herself and some videos of her story. On her birthday, she wore a black dress and had some great fun at the birthday bash. Also, she wrote a special note thanking her friends and family.

Sharing a photo of herself from her birthday party, Shruti wrote, “Filled with gratitude and joy!!! This was the best phase of my life and I’m thankful for my lessons and my journey … I’ve grown up and changed in ways that shaped my vision of the future I want to be filled with light and creativity—I want to take a second to say a giant THANK YOU to my virtual family to make my birthday so special. Thank you for all your wishes that I feel so loved (sic).”

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Apparently, her best friend Tamannaah attended the party and wished for Shruti on Instagram. In her Instagram stories, she shared a photo with the birthday girl.