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While Bigg Boss 14 has ended, it appears that the contestants’ feuds are far from over. Nikki Tamboli, a BB14 finalist, took to Twitter on Friday to criticise the show’s first runner-up, Rahul Vaidya. The actress did not take his name but made a remark about being photographed while riding a bicycle in the building. Rahul Vaidya recently posed in his building with his e-bicycle, which was given to him by superstar Salman Khan. Nikki made fun of the same without hesitating.

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Nikki Tamboli tweeted, “Wow! This is a first. Now you can spot yourself in your own building. Hmm… I wish I could wave at the paparazzi from my window as well! They’ll see me out and about anyway. #homequarantinedmodeon” “P.S Bura Na Maano Holi Hai,” she said at the end of her tweet.

Meanwhile, Nikki Tamboli revealed on March 19 that she had tested positive for Covid and had been put under house arrest. She put it this way: “COVID-positive status was discovered this morning. I’m self-quarantining and taking all precautionary measures and medications as recommended by my doctor. Anyone I’ve met in the last few days should also be reviewed. I’ll be eternally grateful for all of your kindness and help. Please keep yourself safe by wearing your mask at all times, regularly sanitising your face, and keeping your distance from others. In this planet, there is love and light. Nikki Tamboli”

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On a related note, Nikki has previously targeted Rahul Vaidya. During her interview with Andy, the actress made comments about the singer, as well as Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni. Later on, she was brutally trolled by the trio’s fans. ‘Soon after, the hashtags “Nikki Tamboli Aukat Me Reh” and “Aly Sirf Jasmin Ka Hai” became popular on Twitter.

Nikki Tamboli, on the other hand, responded appropriately to the trend’s trolls. “Oh my goodness! This or that, dislike or love, I’m glad some people have so much time to talk about me! Hmmmmmm! Karwaya, did you get paid?” She posted a tweet.

In the South Indian film industry, Nikki is a well-known name. “Kanchana 3,” “Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu,” and “Thippara Meesam” are among her most well-known films. She hopes to expand into Bollywood now that she has gained national attention thanks to the Salman Khan-hosted show. She recently wrapped filming for an upcoming music video in which she will co-star with Arradhya Mann.

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