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The fashion and looks of one of the BTS Idol V never fail to flatter the ARMY. V is the handsome guy that’s most likely to steal your heart. There are always phenomenal style statements from the K-pop star and looks at various occasions. We see him stand separate from others in all of his music videos and events flaunting his stylish looks.

Taehyung is a trend-setter in the real sense. Tae Tae’s fashion always has a common aspect of comfort. V always opts for designer brands, and everything from top to bottom wears branded things. Taking his choice of outfits to the choice of colours, he is very selective and conscious of it.

At times there’s consistency while there’s variation in his fashion choices. Very often V pairs his clothes with ties, belts, and bags. His favourite brands are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, to name a few.

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Specs is an accessory that adds charm to the look of the ensemble. When it’s a V-inspired outfit, it definitely becomes a must. When it comes to that V got a wonderful collection of eyewear. And he can pair it with anything from professional outfits to casual wear.

TaeTae has various hair colour styles that are just fascinating. We admire V’s stylish hair looks, taking from blue, red, blonde, black to Mint Green, Pink. Effortlessly, he flaunts it and it gets paired with all his attire.

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We take a look at some of his coolest fashions on the occasion of his birthday. Here are the looks of Kim Taehyung, who made it a trend by flaunting loose fits!