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Arjun Kapoor, who plays Malaika Arora, has admitted that his past has influenced how he approaches his relationship with her. In 2019, the couple made their relationship public for the first time.

Arjun was praised in an interview for being progressive in his personal life; he is dating an older woman with a child from a previous marriage, and he has only recently reconnected with his father as an adult after his parents divorced when he was a child.

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When asked if he was interested in dating “someone older with a son from a previous marriage,” he told Film Companion, “I try not to be overly open about my personal life because I believe you should respect your partner, and there is a history there… And I’ve been in situations where I’ve witnessed events unfold in public, and it’s not always pleasant, especially when children are involved.”

He went on, saying: “I make an effort to maintain a respectful distance between myself and others. I follow her lead and do what makes her feel at ease. And my job shouldn’t be dependent on my personal life. As a result, you must set limits. I’m bringing it up now because the relationship is treated with respect and admiration. We’ve given it the benefit of the doubt. By giving it space and not putting it in your face, I’ve attempted to give it some dignity.”

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