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In the month of March, banks across India will be closed for a total of 11 days. It should be noted, however, that some states do not observe bank holidays, so the dates may vary depending on the region or state. Banks all over the country observe only gazetted holidays. Except for four Sundays and two Saturdays, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) calendar shows that banks will be closed on March 5, March 11, March 22, March 29, and March 30.

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Meanwhile, banking services may be disrupted as a result of a strike called by many bank unions in protest of the government’s privatization plan. On March 15 and 16, a two-day strike will be held. On March 10, bank unions plan to march to Delhi’s Parliament.

Bank Holidays, March 2021

5 March 2021: Holidays in Mizoram to celebrate Chapcher Kut

March 7, 2021: Sunday

March 11, 2021: Mahashivratri

13 March 2021: 2nd Saturday

March 14, 2021: Sunday

March 21, 2021: Sunday

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March 22, 2021: Bihar Day

March 27, 2021: Fourth Saturday

March 28, 2021: Sunday

29 March 2021: second day of Dhuleti/Yaosang

March 30, 2021: Holi