Baba ka Dhaba
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Kanta Prasad, owner of Malviya Nagar’s famous Baba Ka Dhaba food stall, is now the owner of a restaurant in the national capital.

The 80-year-old said he opened a restaurant in a rented apartment.

Tusant Adlakha, a social worker who also works with Prasad, said the restaurant will start working on Wednesday.

“We’re very happy, God has blessed us.  I want to thank the people for their help, and I appeal to them to visit my restaurant. We’re going to serve Indian and Chinese food here,’ Prasad said to the ANI news agency.

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After an emotional video of him lamenting the lockdown-induced slowdown went viral, Prasad, 80, garnered nationwide attention. Gaurav Wasan, who is a food vlogger on YouTube and has been widely shared across various social media platforms, shot the video.

The video was an attempt to urge people to support local businesses around them, while Prasad and Baba ka Dhaba got excessive attention.

Internet fame has helped Baba Ka Dhaba grow from a mere food stall in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, where an old couple struggled to sell food. The viral video made it a place for businesses to advertise and conduct promotional drives in a few months’ time.

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The Baba Ka Dhaba food stall stood opposite Hanuman Mandir in Malviya Nagar, the same place as Prasad’s new restaurant.